Mitsubishi Evolution Widebody U/Ducktail

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Høy-kvalitets presisjonslaget Widebody kit fra Clinched.

Laget i ABS-Plast med perfekt fitment.

For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, 8 og 9.

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Mitsubishi Evolution Widebody Kit

Mitsubishi was one of the pioneers with a now-standard formula of powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder AWD sedans. One of the many ingredients of the Evo’s success has been the legendary 4G63T engine. This engine went through many revisions and had been powering all Evolutions from Evo 1 all the way through Evo 9 – a true testament to Japanese engineering principles.

While many engine upgrades are available for the venerable Lancer Evo platform, our Mitsubishi Evolution widebody kit allows you to take exterior to a next level. Your Evo will look much wider and meaner with our Mitsubishi Evolution widebody kit. Our kit will allow to run a much more agressive wheel and tire combo thus helping you put all that mighty Evo power to the ground. This is one of our best-selling kits.

– Adds +2.7 inches (7cm) per side up front and +4 inches (10cm) per side out back.

– The kit includes following parts: front fender flares, rear fender flares, side skirts, front bumper add-on elements, rear bumper add-on elements.


This Mitsubishi Evolution widebody kit fits all Lancer Evo cars 2001 through 2007 (Evo 7, Ev0 8 and Evo 9).

High-quality precision-made ABS plastic widebody kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, 8, 9

– Adds +2.6 inches (6.5cm) per side up front and +3.5 inches (9cm) per side out back

– Included in the kit: front fender flares, rear fender flares, side skirts, ducktail trunk spoiler (optional), front bumper add-on elements, rear bumper add-on elements

Installation and Hardware:

The kit comes with mounting hardware and rubber gaskets.

Please note – you will be required to cut your existing fenders and quarter panels. We highly recommend professional installation, although some of our clients have been succesful with DIY installations.

All parts come in unpainted black ABS plastic – you can paint the kit or have it wrapped. In either case, the parts will need to be primed first. is a good first step to figuring out possible wheel and tire combos.


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